School: Faithlegg (C.), Portláirge (roll number 11615)

Faithlegg, Co. Waterford
Mary J. Brazil

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0653, Page 80

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Q A marble wall as white as milk,
Lined with a skin as soft as silk
At length a golden ball appears
Bathed in a flood of crystal tears,
No entrance to, no gates unfold,
Yet thieves break in and steal the gold.
A An egg
Q A little white barrel with two kinds of food in it?
A An egg.
Q As green as grass and grass it isn't,
As red as blood and blood it isn't,
As black as ink and ink it isn't.
A A blackberry.
Q Londonderry, Cork and Kerry
Spell me that without a K.
A T - h - a - t.
Q There was once a man who has to cross a river with a goose, a fox and a sheaf of corn, he had only a small boat an so could not take the fox and goose over together, but if he left the fox with the goose he would eat it, and if he left the goose with the corn she would eat it, how did

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Berna Everett
Faithlegg, Co. Waterford