School: An Pasáiste Thoir (C.), Port Láirge

Passage East, Co. Waterford
Clare, Bean Uí Eachthigheirn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0652, Page 329

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0652, Page 329

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  1. Boys generally make a bow-and-arrow to shoot birds. This is how it is made. The boys get sallys and they heat them. They shape one of them like a half moon and tie a string from one end to the other end. Then they make one long stick. When they are shooting they put the long stick between the twine and the top of the bow then they pull on the twine and the stick shoots out.
    This is how catapults are made. A piece of stick is got which is called a fork. Then a piece of leather is tied on to the two ends of the fork. Then a piece of leather is tied between the rubber to hold a stone. This is used for throwing stones.
    This is how a windmill is made, two small pieces of wood are crossed and joined together by a nail. A long stick is nailed on to it. When children
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