School: An Pasáiste Thoir (C.), Port Láirge

Passage East, Co. Waterford
Clare, Bean Uí Eachthigheirn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0652, Page 279

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0652, Page 279

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  1. About two hundred years ago a sailing ship called the "Wolf" sailed from New York bound for Liverpool. On board the ships were four passengers, a man and his wife and their two children (a boy aged ten and a girl aged eight). This man made a big fortune in America. He thought that travelling on the cargo ship would be the safest way to get his money to England, for in those days pirates were watching all passengers ships. He filled a number of chests on board the ship as clothes chests with dollars. He told the captain only what they contained. He promised the captain that when he would arrive in Liverpool he would pay him well. Some weeks afterwards they sighted Ireland. The captain and this passenger were chatting in the cabin about their good fortune in getting across safely. The passenger was telling the Captain the amount of money he had in the chests, and the sum he intended to give himself on arrival. Listening to their conversation was one of the sailors. He told the other sailors all he had heard. When they learned that the chests contained all this
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    1. time
      1. historical periods by name (~25)
        1. the great famine (~4,013)
    Philomena Walsh
    Passage East, Co. Waterford
    Joseph Walsh
    Passage East, Co. Waterford