School: An Pasáiste Thoir (C.), Port Láirge

Passage East, Co. Waterford
Clare, Bean Uí Eachthigheirn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0652, Page 247

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0652, Page 247

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  3. XML “The Fairy Tea-Cups”

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  1. Beside Crooke Church near Passage East lived an old man named Maurice Power. He lived there up to about twelve years ago; and remembered seeing the cross-roads decorated for a visit to this locality of Daniel O'Connell. He was blind and remarkably bald. About the baldness a curious story is told. The story is as follows: -
    Maurice was coming home from the Waterford fair. As he delayed for refreshments he was a bit merry by night-fall. He reached Kil St. Nicholas Cross Roads and was just passing by the lis there when he heard music. Being in a happy frame of mind he was pleased to hear the music and went into the lis field to find out who the musicians were. To his great surprise he saw that the "good people" were having a feast with dancing and music. They invited Maurice to join them which he did. They all drank tea from fairy teacups. When the feast was over Maurice cast a covetous eye on the tiny cups, and when he thought no one was looking he slipped them into his pocket as a present for his daughters. Then he went home.
    Next morning he awoke
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    Philomena Walsh
    Passage East, Co. Waterford
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    Passage East, Co. Waterford