School: Star of the Sea Convent, Tramore (roll number 12334)

Tramore, Co. Waterford
Sr. M. Consiglio
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0651, Page 120

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0651, Page 120

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  3. XML “A Story of the Sheevra”

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    possessed a great knowledge of herbs. When anyone was ill their relations went to the Sheevra, bringing with them some whiskey, of which he was very fond and he then told them the herb that would cure the sick person. If a horse are any other animal strayed away, it was to the Sheevra they went to know where they would find out. As he always told them the exact spot, in time they began to rely a good deal on his word.
    One day eight or ten local men heard that a crock of gold was buried in Drumcannon Churchyard. Bringing some whiskey with them they went to the Sheevra's house to find out, if it was true. He told them that it was buried under a large stone but that they should start digging for it before 12 o' clock mid-night. Thy placed the Sheevra in a big hamper and carried him to the place. He told them that while digging for the gold they were to refer to him as the gentleman, but that no matter what happened they were not to call him the
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    Ballynattin, Co. Cork
    Biddy Power
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