School: An Chill, Dúngarbhán (roll number 630 or 16748)

Kill, Co. Waterford
Tomás Breathnach

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An Chill, Dúngarbhán | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0650, Page 155F

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she would bring a vessel that the stripper couldn't fill. She went home and returned soon afterwards with a sieve and began to milk the stripper into it. She kept milking her till the blood began to flow from the cow's teats. The stripper then bellowed with pain. She looked behind her and when she saw all the milk flowing down the side of the rock she bellowed three times. Then all the calves gathered around her and they and she ran off the rock and disappeared and have never been seen or heard of since. The mark of her hooves are to be still seen on the rock. There are also the marks of the witches feet and of the legs of the stool on which she sat. Many stories are told about the Glas Gamhnach. All of them agree that she would fill any vessel in which she was milked.

Peg Torpey