School: An Chill, Dúngarbhán (roll number 630 or 16748)

Kill, Co. Waterford
Tomás Breathnach

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Weeds and Herbs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0650, Page 142

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Some weeds are very harmful to land and to crops. The thistle and dock weeds usually grow in rich soil. They grow up with oats and wheat. If the seeds of these mix with the grain at the threshing it makes it difficult for farmers to get the top price for the grain. The chicken weed and crowfoot and fairy flax grow on poor soil and if there are crops of mangolds or turnips in poor land these weeds, check the crops very much if they are not weeded out early.
Herbs are used in curing animal diseases. There are many kinds of herbs. The leaves of some plants are used in cases. The roots or flowers are used also.
The leaves which are commonly used are those of mountain ash, wild raspberry and senna. The mountain ash leaves are used by people for curing rheumatic fever. The raspberry leaves are used for the curing of rheumatism and sciatica.
The roots which are most frequently used are these of the cranesbill, the dandelion, the lady's slipper, rhubarb and white pond lily. The cranesbill root is used to cure diarrhoea in children and is a tonic for the kidneys. The dandelion root is used

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