School: Tuar an Fhíona, Cluain Meala

Tooraneena, Co. Waterford
Gearóid Ó Coindealbháin

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Tuar an Fhíona, Cluain Meala | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0647, Page 240

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country they would know all about them. They have all the news of the district.

There are many old 'lisses' around this part of the country. I know about three of them at least. To my knowledge there is a fine 'liss' in the townland of Touraneena. It is about a quarter of a mile westwards. There is another one in the same townland while yet another is in Kilcooney. The second one is about a a quarter of a mile from this school, while the other is about a mile from the school.
The 'liss' in Kilcooney is an exceptionally fine one. I suppose it is one of the finest in the country. They are now covered over by briers and bushes. The place where the entrance to the 'liss' was, can be seen yet. The walls are now very low because of the weather and rain. Outside the walls a cut is yet visible. In this cut long ago there was a

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Pádraig Teidhirs
Cahernaleague, Co. Waterford