School: Tuar an Fhíona, Cluain Meala

Tooraneena, Co. Waterford
Gearóid Ó Coindealbháin

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Tuar an Fhíona, Cluain Meala | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0647, Page 232

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There are many other sorts of cribs made to catch birds. First you must get a bucket and half-fill it with meal. When you have this you must get a big meal-bag and spread it over the bucket so the bird might not see the meal. The next thing to be done is to get a long cord and to put a loop on it. Put the loop near the bucket and hold the end of the cord in your hand. When the bird gets in, pull the cord and the bucket will fall on it. She is captured.

Tomás Ó Dunaighe
Woodhouse, Co. Waterford

This is how other cribs are made by some boys. First of all they get a small timber box and bring it out in the garden near a hedge. On this little box there is no lid and that is the best way of all for catching birds. They turn the open part of the box down towards the

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