School: Tuar an Fhíona, Cluain Meala

Tooraneena, Co. Waterford
Gearóid Ó Coindealbháin

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Wild Animals

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0647, Page 222

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The following is a list of wild animals which are to be seen around this part of the country. The badger, fox, hare, rabbit, weasel, squirrel, rat, otter and wild cats are often seen around here.
The badger lives in a gullet under the road or in a hole in a thick fence. The fox lives in a burrow in the ground or in a fence. Although the rabbit lives in a fence the hare lives outside in heather or brushes. The weasel has his den in a very stony fence. The squirrel lives in the fence near the trunk of a tree. The rat lives in a hole near a house.
Some of those animals do a great deal of destruction and damage when endeavouring to get their food. This cannot be said about the badger because he never does any damage to anyone. The destruction done by the fox is well known all over the country. He often raids the farmyard and kills hens, ducks or geese. The rabbit does a great deal of damage to the fences in every farm. There are

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Pádraig Teidhirs
Cahernaleague, Co. Waterford