School: Coill Íseal, Ceapach Chuinn (roll number 14202)

Killeeshal, Co. Waterford
Seán Ó Conaire

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Classical Music

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0644, Page 228

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In the adjoining parish of Modeligo there lived a snug couple, the proud possessors of a decent farm and a respectable pub. They were the proud parents of comely twins, both girls. When these latter "grew up" the fond parents thought it their duty to send them to acquire an English accent and so set the seal on a "Finished" education.

On their return to the parental roof-tree, the latest in pianos was secured, money no object.
Some specially-favoured customers at the pub were occasionally invited to listen to the young ladies performing, and were apparently visibly impressed.
On the occasion of a fair in Dungarvan two of these favoured farmers entered for refreshment and were ushered to the sitting-room from which were issuing the musical notes produced by the ladies on the 60-pounder.
At the conclusion of the performance, the farmers strove to express their extreme delight at the musical treat vouchsafed them and then took their departure. When beyond hearing-distance, one asked the other his opinion of the recent performance, but in a non-commital manner, he asked in turn what his own-appreciation

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Seán Ó Conaire