School: West Waterford Branch I.N.T.O (roll number n/a)

Coshmore and Coshbride, Co. Waterford
James Cashman

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West Waterford Branch I.N.T.O | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0640, Page 40

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Doors of the house are struck with a loaf of bread on New Years eve.
People always wait up on New Years eve to see the New Year. The direction of the wind is noted. If blowing from the North the year is going to be in the Protestants' favour; if from the south the Catholics are to be favoured. If you stay up till twelve oclock you would see the man you are going to marry in a mirror.

This is a special feast. No true Irishman would forget to put out "Brat Brighid on Brigids eve. This consists of a black strip of cloth which is put out through the window and left hanging outside till morning. Then it is carefully preserved and used in many sicknesses, principal of which is the common head ache. If you wind the cloth around your head the headache will go. It is also put around a lamb that would not take with its mother.