School: Caimthír (Camphire), Ceapach Chuinn (roll number 15129)

Camphire, Co. Waterford
Nóra Bean Uí Chradóig

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Caimthír (Camphire), Ceapach Chuinn | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0636, Page 367

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Churn-making is carried on in this district at present. They are made out of all classes of timber such as oak or elm and many other kinds according to the kind of a churn is wanting. A great churn-maker is a fellow named David Donovan from Dunmoon, Tallow, Co. Waterford.
Fishing was carried out long ago and is still carried on in the River Blackwater. The fishermen go fishing for salmon and pel. The implements used for fishing are rods, paddles and nets.
All the people with guns go fowling when the time comes. They go hunting rabbits, woodcock and wild duck.