School: Caimthír (Camphire), Ceapach Chuinn (roll number 15129)

Camphire, Co. Waterford
Nóra Bean Uí Chradóig

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Caimthír (Camphire), Ceapach Chuinn | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0636, Page 357

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As far back as can be remembered by the old people in this district, they have been visited by very few severe storms except for a fierce storm which swept over the district on the seventh of November 1916, sweeping trees and in some cases, infirm houses before it. So fierce was the force of the storm that in a field in Headborough consisting of fifty acres, seventeen trees were uprooted.
Another memorable storm occurred in 1907 on the twenty fifth of November. A cargo of Scotch timber which was piled on the Cappoquin quay, Co. Waterford was swept by the tide and logs were drawn in on the land off Blackwater. Some of the logs weighed up to five tons but so great was the force of the tide and wind combined that to a spectator

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Uilliam Ó Murchadha