School: Baile na Sagart, Lios Mór

Feagarrid, Co. Waterford
G. Armstong

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The Potato Crop

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0636, Page 134

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The potatoes are grown in my farm. There are two acres of land under them each year. The same amount is grown every year.
The potatoes are planted in ridges mostly in Ballysaggart. My father prepares they ground. First he draws out loads of dung from the cowhouse, the stable and pig-house, and spreads it in the field he will be making the ridges in. Then he brings out the horses and plough and goes to one side of the field and ploughs one sod that operation is called "opening the back". He ploughs two sods against it and one with it. He leaves two foot of ground between each ridge and that is called a caoilóid.
When he has enough ridges made he ploughs the caoilóid to the left-hand side of every ridge Then there is five sods in every ridge.
He hacks them with a grufáin. A grufáin is an instrument with a timber handle and two long thick bits of iron on each side of the top of it. There is a point on the top of each iron. He roots up the clay with, it that is called hacking.
When he has the ridges hacked he makes a hole on the ridge with the spade and throws the seed-potato into the hole. He continues this until he has all the setts planted.

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Mr Thomas Fennessy
Ballysaggart More, Co. Waterford