School: Baile na Sagart, Lios Mór

Feagarrid, Co. Waterford
G. Armstong

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Local Heroes

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0636, Page 109

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I heard of some strong men. Here are some names.-
Good Stone Throwers.
Mr. Patrick Dennehy, Coole, Ballysaggart, was a good stone thrower.
His opponent was Mr. John Lyons, Loglea, The scene of the contest was in Loglea, near a bush called the King's Bush.
The onlookers were, Mr. Patrick Lyons, Monatarrive. and Mr. John Feeney, P Knocknaboul.
There was a challenge, Mr. P. Dennehy lifted a stone ten hundred weight with his hand and threw it over the fence.
He told Mr. J. Lyons to lift it but he was not able. Many other men tried to lift the same stone afterwards but none of them was able. It was not removed since.
Swift Runners
Mr. William Stack, Feagarrid, was a swift runner. His opponent was Mr. John Tobin. Ballyduff.
The scene of the contest was in Ballyduff and Lismore,
There was a challenge, Mr. John Tobin, was a better runner than Mr. W. Stack.
Mr. Patrick Hurley, Tallow, used run from Lismore to Cappoquin and back again.
His opponent was Mr. John Colbert, Lismore.

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Mr Thomas Fennessy
Ballysaggart More, Co. Waterford