School: Garracloon (roll number 6852)

Garrycloonagh, Co. Mayo
James J. Clarke
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0148, Page 129

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0148, Page 129

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  1. Colonel Jackson and the Fenians
    In the time of the Fenians when Colonel Jackson of Carramore came home from war he had a lot of ammunition with him and the neighbours around heard it. One night they all gathered under the name of Fenians and marched up to his door and began to knock.
    The Colonel was up-stairs and when he heard them knocking he raised the window and asked them what they wanted. They told him they wanted ammunition but he told them to go home and to come the following night and so they did. Between the times one of the men whose name was Lavin told Colonel Jackson who they were. So Colonel Jackson didn't heed until they came the next night and when they arrived he put his head out in the window and asked what they wanted and they told him.
    He said nothing but told them to go home that there was a black sheep among them.
    They all turned away without ammunition and one saying to the other "It isn't me" "It isn't me" and so they went home. When one man arrived home he et his supper and took for the mountains
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    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    Robert Cawley
    Garrycloonagh, Co. Mayo
    James Reilly
    Scotchfort, Co. Mayo