School: Garracloon (roll number 6852)

Garrycloonagh, Co. Mayo
James J. Clarke
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0148, Page 113

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0148, Page 113

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  1. The houses were built in Scotchfort two years after the famine of 1848. The man who built them was named Murphy and he also built a mill there. The mill was situated on the bank of a little river which mairned Turnbulls land in Rathduff and his own land in Scotchfort. The milk was called a "quaker."
    The little river drained the bogs of Carramore and flowed into the Lough Conn but that river is not in it now because a new drain was made not far away and it drew the water a different way into Lough Conn.
    When murphy died he had no one to will the place to but Mahon who was his sisters son. With the wind and storm the mill fell and after a few years Mahon sold the house and land to Peter Kelly of Scotchfort and when Peter got the house he made a barn and stables of it and that was the end of the mill and the houses.
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    Robert Reilly
    Garrycloonagh, Co. Mayo
    James Reilly
    Scotchfort, Co. Mayo