School: Breaffy (roll number 15555)

Breaghwy, Co. Mayo
Peadar Ó Catháin

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Old Cures

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0147, Page 340

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1. Tobacco and salt are the cure for a tooth-ache.
2. Feineac is for rheumatism
3. Cruac Phádhraig is for sores.
4. Dandelion, garlic, Heather are for consumption.
5. Water-grass is the cure for a bad stomach.
6. Roast potatoes are the cure for sore throat.
7. The bark of an oak tree is for burns or bruises.
8. Chicken weed is the cure for swollen legs.
9. Corriginmoss is for bad heals
10. Baking soda is the cure for a heart-burn.
11. Butter milk is the cure for a cold.
12. A foxe's tongue can take out thorns.

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