School: Béal Átha 'n Fheadha (B.)

Ballina, Co. Mayo
D. P. Ó Cearbhaill
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0146, Page 333

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0146, Page 333

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  1. XML School: Béal Átha 'n Fheadha (B.)
  2. XML Page 333
  3. XML “The Fairy Brídeog”

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  1. There was once a man and wife who had a young son. One night the child sneezed and no one said "God Bless us" When no one said God Bless us the fairies had the child in their arms. The child sneezed and on one said God Bless us the fairies had the child out the window. The third time the child sneezed a man passing by said "God Bless Us" and the child was handed out to him. The man brought the child to see what happened. The fairies had put another child who was a Brideog in his place. When the Brideog died the woman was crying when in came the man who had the right child. When the man didn't take off his cap all the people were surprised. He told the woman to put on more turf on the fire and the woman asked him for what. The man told her he wanted to throw the Brideog into the fire. The woman would not let him. The man took the child with the tongs. When he had the child over the fire didn't the child go up the chimney in smoke. The man brought back
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    Michael O' Neill
    Ballina, Co. Mayo
    Mrs Michael O' Neill
    Ballina, Co. Mayo