School: Teampall Mhuire

Carbad Beg, Co. Mayo
Eithne, Bean Uí Mhaonghaille

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0143, Page 192

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There are many forges in this district Gormans, Hughes, Cawleys, Tom Cassins and James Collins. Some of them are roofed differently.
Cawleys is slated Hughes is roofed with timber and Tar-barrells. Both of Collin's forges are thatched Gormans forge is roofed with zinc.
They shoe farming and hunting horses They make gates, scuffles mounting for harrows and carts tongs they weld tyres for both carts, side-cars and traps mends ploughs and lots of other farm implements.
When the wheel is going to be shod. It is put down on the ground and is raised

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