School: Baile an Chaisil B.

Ballycastle, Co. Mayo
Mícheál de Búrca

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Wild Animals

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0139, Page 624

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The Badger: The Badger is about the size a dog. He is a very [?] animal. He lives on meat and fowl. He makes his home in the hills and woods. It is easy to know the badger's home. There are a lot of bones outside the hole. A badger's skin is very useful. The women send it to the factory and get fur made out of it. There are two kinds of badger.
- The "pig badger" and the "dog badger"
The Weasel: The Weasel is about the size of a rat. He has a long flat tail. If he thinks there is trouble ahead he puts the end of his tail into his mouth and whistles and gathers the rest of them. He generally makes his home in an old fence or sometimes in the stacks of oats. If there is a weasel in a stack of oats it is said that there will be no rats there. It is said that if there is a purse made out of a weasel's skin such a (person) purse will never be without money.
The Hare: The Hare is about the size of the rabbit he is a very wild animal. He generally makes his home in a pile of whins or a pile of rushes. He never roams from his home in the day time but does so late in the evening. He lives on grass but in the Summer he has a fine time eating the young oats. He runs through the young oats and does terrible destruction to it. People set snakes to catch him and oftentimes he is killed by hounds.

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Thomas Pryal
Ballycastle, Co. Mayo
Andrew Pryal
Ballycastle, Co. Mayo