School: Clochar na Trócaire, Leac an Anfa, Cathair na Mart

Leckanvy, Co. Mayo
An tSr. Treasa

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Funny Stories - Story Number 3

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0138, Page 009

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Story No. 3
Once upon a time a man was eating porridge. A lot of flies came on the food and he killed seventy with one blow. he got a pot, put it on his head and wrote on front of it "I'm the man who kille seventy". There was a giants castle near by. He went to the giant. When the giant saw him, he thought it was seventy men he had killed and he got afraid of him. He set him working along with his brother giant. The man told lies to the brother about his master. The two giants began to fight and the gr. master giant killed his brother.
The giant could eat an ox at each meal. One day he said to the man that whoever would eat the most would be the best man. The workman then thought of a trick. He got a cow's skin and sewed it up; then he put the skin on himself. When he had enought eaten he kept packing the food inside the skin. The said to the giant "the best man can cut himself down". The man cut himself down the skin, the giant did the same and killed himself. The man then got all the riches of both giants.

Maggie Gannon
Carrowmacloughlin, Co. Mayo
Myles Hynes
Carrowmacloughlin, Co. Mayo