School: Louisburgh (roll number 5128/9)

Louisburgh, Co. Mayo
Thos. J. Morahan
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0137, Page 005

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0137, Page 005

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  1. The parish of Kilgeever lies to the West of Croagh Patrick. The old church in the village of Kilgeever gave the parish its name. Kilgeever- according to the interpretation of most people means "The windy church" - probably on account of the exposed position it occupied. Others - among whom are numbered the eminent Irish scholar, Rev. John O'Reilly CC. Bekan, Co. Mayo - hold that Kilgeever means "The church of Eever (Iomhair) They hold that Iomhair ( a monk of Danish extraction) was a disciple of St. Patrick, and that after the Saint's fast on Croagh Patrick he (St. Patrick) visited Kilgeever and decided on building a Church there. Later he sent Iomhair to carry out the project and establish a monastery there.
    I examined the ruins recently. It appears that the building was erected with carefully cut stone and a mortar made from earth mixed with blood of oxen.

    In length the monastery was about forty feet; its width was about fifteen feet.
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    Kilgeever, Co. Mayo
    Thomas J. Morahan