School: Beannchor Iorrais (roll number 13684)

Bangor, Co. Mayo
Mícheál Mac Énrí
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0133, Page 259

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0133, Page 259

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  3. XML “Cluichí Páistí - Nuts in May”
  4. XML “Cluichí Páistí - The Robbers”

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    in May." nuts in May, nuts in May. Here we come gathering nuts in May on a cold and frosty morning." and then they name some two, one on each side and then they will catch hands and pull until someone pulls the other to his own side and they continue that until they are all on one side.
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  2. All the children go in a straight line and two children will take two colours and they join their hands and the other children pass under their hands and they sing - "Here is the robbers coming through and the last one will say some colour and whoever has that colour she will go behind him and they continue this until they are all gone behind one - another and each side will begin to pull and which ever side will pull they
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    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
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    Eibhlín Ní Mhaoilearca
    Cloontakilla, Co. Mayo