School: Corr Odhar (roll number 14701)

Corrower, Co. Mayo
Aibhistín Ó Coinnigh

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A Story about a Swift Horse

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0126, Page 514

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"A Story about a swift horse"

Long ago there lived a man named Mr. Goodwin, in the village of Carrick, in a Attymass parish, who had a swift little horse. He was a bay horse and swift on the road.
Mr. Goodwin employed a tailor to make a casóg for himself, and when the casóg was made, the tailor was short of buttons. The casogs were made of woven {cloak? cloth?} named freize, with three brass buttons down the front and two at the back.
These brass buttons were not to be found any nearer than Dublin, and Mr. Goodwin had to go for them. At ten o'clock in the morning Mr. Goodwin left Carrick for Dublin riding on the little horse.
|gentleman| He never met anyone, but a gentleman who was riding a race horse.
The gentleman accompanied him for a while and then said, "Good morning, and I'm sorry I cannon {cannot?} be waiting for you," so he spurred his horse and left

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Mr John Smyth
Corrower, Co. Mayo