School: Ceathrú Mhór (roll number 16289)

Carrowmore, Co. Mayo
Thomas F. O' Hara

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Ceathrú Mhór | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0126, Page 302

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The Wild Birds of the District.

The song birds. The thrush, the black-bird, the sky-lark, the robin, the wren, the sparrow, the gold-finch, the chaffinch and the yellow-hammer.

The thrush is brown in colour and her breast is speckled. The thrush builds her nest on a la[?] place. She sings very sweetly.
The black-bird is black. He likes cherries. He builds his nest in briars. He spends the most of his time in the cherry orchard.
The sky-lark is brown in colour. He flies very high in the sky. He builds his nest in the bog.
The robin is brown, and he has a red breast. He builds his nest in the fences. The people in this district believe that when Our Lord was dying on the cross the robin tried to pull out the thorns out of his head. When

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Josephine Durkan
Doonty, Co. Mayo