School: N. Seosamh, Cill Lasrach (roll number 16289)

Killasser, Co. Mayo
S. Mac Carrghamhna

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N. Seosamh, Cill Lasrach | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0126, Page 118

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granted him pardon but he also told him to build a church in Killasser.
Some time after this he married another lady and when they died they were buried in the same grave in the old churchyard in Killasser.

There is a fort in Doonmaynor and it is called "Lios na Gaoithe" It was supposed that it was the Danes who built it. There is a cave about fifty yards long and it is going round in a circle, and there are three rooms branching off on both sides and flagged overhead.
It was said that if any one knocked a tree out of the fort the fairies would hurt him. The fort is surrounded by a mound of earth and white thorn bushes. The opening is about 2ft x 3ft. The old people say that the Danes left swords and spears behind them in

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