School: Caladh (C.) (roll number 8740)

Callow, Co. Mayo
Bean Uí Éaráin

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Stories of Giants and Warriors

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0126, Page 80

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Not far from my home there is a rock which could not be placed there by the power of man. Long, long ago people said that two giants lived, one on each side of Callow lake. Those two giants were at war together. The one on the Cullonaughton side was too strong for the one on the other side.
He was so strong that he threw a very big stone after the other giant. Where the stone fell we now have a rock called Carraig - awal. On the Mellick side of the river Moy there lived an old hag in a cabin which no one ever visited. An idea came into her head to build a place which no one could get into.
This she meant to complete in one night provided, no one should look at her until it was finished. The work was started, but

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