School: Tomghéis (roll number 9239/9277)

Tumgesh, Co. Mayo
M. Ó Casaide
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0123, Page 145

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0123, Page 145

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  3. XML “Gallagher”
  4. XML “Poverty Part and Good Company”

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  1. Long ago there lived in Ireland two kings one of whom had a son and the other a daughter.
    The people of each child being (rick) rich, wished to have them married and this they did but they did not intend to tell the children until they were over twenty one years of age. While the parents of the (boy) girl were getting rich the parents of the boy died So that in this way the boy was left to himself and as usual the boy got very poor and was obligated to work in a butcher's shop. One day he came to the house of a girl, with some meat and when he went out an old nurse, who was there for a long period began to laugh so the girl inquired of her for the reason of her laughter. This she told her after begging a long time, she said noth
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