School: Tomghéis (roll number 9239/9277)

Tumgesh, Co. Mayo
M. Ó Casaide

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The Old School

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0123, Page 103

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The old school.

The present school replaced an old worn-out dilapidated and unsightly building, a plan of which is to be seen on the next page.
General description:—
There were two schools adjoining under one roof. It was slated; it was built with stone and mortar. There were two fireplaces, one in each school, the chimneys being in the gables, as were also the doors. There were two small windows in the girls' school and three in the boys' school.
This school was built in 1864. The site was given by a Tumgesh man, Jack Neary. The site was a gift to the parish priest, on condition that his children would get their education free. The actual building was done by the Tumgesh people. They intended to roof it with straw, but on one occassion that Mr Darcy, the landlord came to collect the rents, he admired the people's initiative in erecting what was a fairly substantial building and he himself got slated and floored with timber.
There was a small plot attached to which was added ten square perches, to form the plot on which the present school was built. There were no boundary walls, save rod-fences, no gate or path from the main road. It appears the school was not reckoned [?]

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