School: Béal Átha na Muice (roll number 14862)

Swinford, Co. Mayo
Dominick Caron

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Béal Átha na Muice | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0122, Page 341

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Fionn was said to be very charitable and the most time he was ashamed was one day a beggar came to his house and the only thing he had left was the bit he had in his mouth and he couldn't divide that
An náire is mo fuair Fionn
Greim a bheit in a bhéal
Agus san ina chumas i a roinn


There was once a graveyard for children that were not baptised at the back of Canon Henry's house. There was another on the top of Dillon's hill. On this hill is a stone with a round hole in it that they say used to

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