School: Breac-chluain (B.) (roll number 13389)

Brackloon, Co. Mayo
Seán Ó Casaide

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0121, Page 382

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The chief festivals of the year are November's Night, Christmas Night, St. John's Night and St. Bridgets Night.

The one I like best is November's Night. Numerous are the games we play. My mother used buys a barm-brack with a ring in it and it is said the one who gets the ring will be the first married in the house. After supper we play, ducking for apples, snap-apple, melting lead cracking nuts, and the three saucer game.

Another great feast to look forward to is Christmas night. It is a religious festival. Both young and old look forward to it. Children hang up a stocking at night and they are all excitement the next morning to see what Santa Claus has brought to them. The people stay up till twelve o'clock to pray and honour the Christ child who was born at that hour.

St. John's night is one of the great feasts of the year. It is held on the eve of the twenty-fourth of June. On that night the boys and girls of the village gather turf, sticks, and bones at the cross-roads or on the top of hill (?) and they light the bone fire. It is lit in honour of St. John though he was thrown into a cauldron of boiling oil came out untouched

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Michael Costello
Cuiltrasna, Co. Mayo