School: Loughkeeren

Knockatemple, Co. Mayo
Anna M. Warde

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The Penal Times - Seán na Sagart

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0120, Page 95

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Seán na Sagart was a priest hunter. He got five pounds for a priest. Once he failed to get a priest anywhere. He had a sister who was a great Catholic. He went to her house and said he was feeling sick and that he would give anything to her if she would get a priest to hear his confession after all the bad deeds he had done. His sister told he she would get a priest for him if he promised her that if he got better he would never do anything bad to a priest again. Seán na Sagart was not sick at all, he was only waiting for the priest to come until he would kill him. So his sister sent for the priest thinking Seán was dying. The priest came; Seán was waiting for him

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Teresa Hyland
Loughkeeraun Well, Co. Mayo