School: Loughkeeren

Knockatemple, Co. Mayo
Anna M. Warde
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0120, Page 72

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0120, Page 72

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  1. Old Crafts - Thatching
    To thatch a house a man must get straw and scallop. He must put the straw up on the house. He must begin at the side wall and work up to the ridge. He must leave a bundle of straw up on the house and leave it six inches over-hanging the side-wall. Then he sticks a scallop in it to keep it tight. He puts another bundle a little higher up and puts another scallop in it and so on till he goes to the ridge. Then he begins another streak and finishes it the same way. A scallop is a sally rod cut
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    Eddie Comer
    Boleyard, Co. Mayo