School: Loughkeeren

Knockatemple, Co. Mayo
Anna M. Warde
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0120, Page 35

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0120, Page 35

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  1. Anthony Cannon, who lived in Aughaliska long ago was a famous dancer. He could dance the hornpipe, double jig, slip jig and the reel. Long ago the boys and girls of the village used to gather at the cross-roads of a Sunday evening for a few hours dancing.
    Anthony lived near the cross-roads and he used to play the flute for them and teach them some step dancing. Anthony used to be invited to the weddings of surrounding villages and he was always given the most comfortable seat in the house where he could play and have a good view of the dancers. He would dance the hornpipe for them, and if the floor of the kitchen was bad the owner of the house would take off the door, so that Anthony would have a level spot to dance on. It is about 70 years ago.
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