School: Páirc Íseal (B.) (roll number 295)

Lowpark, Co. Mayo
Seán Ó Caiside

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0117, Page 46

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To take pieces of steel or iron from the flesh put a foxes tongue on it. To stop bleeding: Put a cobweb on the cut. For a wart: Steal a bit of lard, rub it on the wart and bury it. As the lard rots so also does the wart. A toothache: Rub a live frog's leg on the gum. Sore ear: Soak black sheep's wool in olive oil and put it in the ear. The whooping cough: Ass's milk. A cure for worms:
This cure is made only on Mondays and Thursdays with a piece of cotton thread and a saucer of water. The thread is placed in the water and after some words are said over the water the thread is seen to curl which shows that the worms are alive inside. Then a piece of burned oatmeal cake is put under the person's nose fasting. The worms smell it and if a drop of whiskey is swallowed immediately it kills the worms Sore mouth: The breath of a child whose father was dead before it was born is the cure for a sore mouth. Ulcerated glands on the neck: The roots of nine dockets which never seeded boiled

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