School: Tón Ruadh (roll number 12809)

Tonroe, Co. Mayo
Máirtín Ó Giobaláin

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Local Customs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0115, Page 62

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The season of Christmas is the most holy and enjoyable season of all the year. During this time everyone makes special preparations for the coming of our Divine Lord.
The preparations commence about two weeks before Christmas. All the family help in cleaning the house and its surroundings. They make it as comfortable and as nice looking as possible. The men and boys clean the streets and whitewash barns and outhouses. The father generally cleans the chimney.
While this work is going on outside the women and girls are employed inside. The girls wash the floors and whitewash the walls. They also paint the doors and windows. They decorate the house with holly and ivy. In every Catholic house there is a crib. This crib is decorated with flowers and little candles.
A few days before Christmas the parents visit some town. There they buy a supply of Christmas dainties for the feast. The father

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Eibhlín Nic Giollaruaidh
Tonroe, Co. Mayo
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