School: Tón Ruadh (roll number 12809)

Tonroe, Co. Mayo
Máirtín Ó Giobaláin

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Local Roads

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0115, Page 155

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There are many roads in this locality. On every mile or so there are crossroads.
There are crossroads near my house. Four roads run in four different directions. One is known as the Ballaghadereen road, while another one is known as the Charlestown road. There is another one known as the Curry road and another one again known as the Ballymote road. It is said that all the local roads were made during the famine period. There is no very old road in the district. There are lots of paths and "boheens" in the district.
Before bridges were made in the district people crossed the rivers on stepping stones and at fords. The ford for out district was in Botuney and it was called "An-woher." There was no name on any other ford. Every body crossing the river crossed at their own ford.
Every twenty fourth nigh of June it is a custom to make a bon-fire at every crossroads.

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Cáitín Ní Chlosaic
Carrowntober, Co. Mayo