School: Tón Ruadh (roll number 12809)

Tonroe, Co. Mayo
Máirtín Ó Giobaláin

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Religious Stories

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0115, Page 135

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Religious Stories
Long ago the English Law prevented mass from being read in Irish Churches. Our forefathers suffered to save the mass.
Mass was offered on hillsides in caves barns and any place where priests could hide themselves while reading it. In the year eighteen forty seven when the potato crop failed in Ireland the English Government gave food to the Irish people on condition that they gave up the Catholic religion and went to the protestant Church. One poor man who had to accept food for himself and his family gave up his true religion. On passing the catholic church he raised his hat and bowed his head and said "Musha I'll come back to you again "agrad" when the praties grow.
Priests were hunted as game. Dogs were taught to hunt and scent fox and priests alike. One priest was set upon while saying mass in an old broken

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Cáitín Ní Chlosaic
Carrowntober, Co. Mayo