School: Tón Ruadh (roll number 12809)

Tonroe, Co. Mayo
Máirtín Ó Giobaláin

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Clothes Made Locally

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0115, Page 122

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Tailor-made cloths are mostly worn by the people in our district. There are very few tailors in our parish. There is only one tailor in the district now. His name is Michael Flannery. This man makes all the clothes in his own home. In Charlestown about three miles from us there is a large number of tailors. Those people have big shops and it is in those shops that they sell the clothes.
Almost every tailor keeps a stock of suiting material in his shop. There is no spinning or weaving done locally. A man named Jack Grady lived in Brackloon but is dead for a few years. This man was a great weaver. He had a spinning wheel and eh spun and weaved the wool into cloth. This was brought to the tailor and suits were made out of it. The cloth when weaved was like a brownish

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