School: Cloongoonagh or Tooreen - St. Brigid's

Tooreen, Co. Mayo

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Cloongoonagh or Tooreen - St. Brigid's | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0111, Page 200

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did an enchanted woman came out of the little island of the lake and went to the mans house and set it on fire and burned it to the ground. When Mr Nolan saw this he was afraid to use the water of the lake so he did not build the mill. The place where the cutting or canal was made is still to be seen. The man whose house was burned down was called white and he lived in the village of Sgárdán. The story of the enchanted lake and the burning of the house is firmly believed. This lake is called Loc Ruadh or loch Ruaine.

My grandfather told me that the faires liked to sieve young boys and mothers ten to deceive them by dressing the boys the same as girls and that is the reason why young boys used to wear red petticoats