School: Coillte Bó (roll number 15984)

Kiltybo, Co. Mayo
Michael S. Ó Ceallaigh

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The Forge

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0107, Page 399

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There are three forges in this parish. The name of the smiths are Patrick Salmon, Michael Conroy, and Martin Gill. Their fathers were not smiths. The forges are situated on the roadside. The forge is a large building and it is roofed with galvanize. It has a double door and one fire place. The bellows is an iron instrument that is used for blowing the fire. It is not made locally. When the smith is working he uses a sledge, a pincers, a hammer and nails. The smith shoes horses and asses. The smith makes all the implements that are used on the farm such as ploughs, harrows spades, shovels, and picks. This work can not be done except by a smith. The smith shoes wheels out in the open air.
The implements used by the smith when he shoeing wheels are iron and

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Agnes Finn