School: Breac-chluain

Brackloon South, Co. Mayo
Liam Mac Gabhann

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Homemade Toys

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0107, Page 016

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A long time ago when people could not buy toys for their children from the townspeople they made their own.
A favorite toy was a sling which can throw stones a good distance. It is made of a long string with a bit of leather in the middle, a stone is put in the leather; the string is swung round the head and one end of it let go. Then the stone whirls away.
Another toy was a whistle. This was made from the tin part of the cartridge of a gun. The cartridge was first put into the fire, and the paper part of it burned away and then the two heads hammered together. A nail was driven through them and a hole was left. Tops were made by driving a nail through a long piece of wood and shaping it in the form of a top.

Bernard Tarpey
Derrylahan, Co. Mayo