School: Breac-chluain

Brackloon South, Co. Mayo
Liam Mac Gabhann

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Homemade Toys

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0107, Page 014

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While children are not strong enough to help in the house-work they enjoy making toys to occupy their little minds.
The girls make dolls, daisy chains, and neck-laces. They first make the head of the doll by getting rags and making a ball of them. This they cover over with a white cloth and have the head completed. They do the same with the body and put little legs and hands on it. They then sew the head on to the body, and make a little frock for it. The doll is then completed.
On long summer days the children are to be seen out through the green fields picking daisies. They join them together by putting a hole in the end of the stem of one and shoving another through it. They continue this until they have a long string of them. This is called a daisy chain. Children go into

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Patricia Hannon
Togher, Co. Mayo