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School: An Clochán (roll number 7777)

Cloghans Hill, Co. Mayo
Liam Breathnach

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Béaloideas Éireann - Oíche Nollag

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0105, Page 126

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The people are very happy Christmas night. The people ready up their houses before Oidhche Nodhlagh. The boys clean up the yards. The girls wash the windows and paint them. They wash the windows. They clean the floors and wash them. The boys go for hollow. They bring a lot of hollow home. They give it to the girls. The girls put it up around the house. They then make up a lot of sweet cakes. They then put a light in every room They get one big Christmas candle. It has a red colour. They get ready for the big feast. They eat all they can. They then go to bed. They get up

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Bridie Dunleavy
Cloongawnagh, Co. Mayo