School: Baile na nGarraidhthe (roll number 13618)

Ballygarries, Co. Mayo
T. Ó Tuairisc

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Baile na nGarraidhthe | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0104, Page 037

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a house where a woman was churning. This woman had the churn between the room and the kitchen. She was leaning over it and she was praying for a short while and she did not speak to the woman who had come in until she had finished.
Some people say that people can burn butter. So when people are churning they put three grams of salt in the churning before they start making it or some people put a small piece of coal under the churn. They say that this prevents anyone from burning the butter."

A Story
Thee was a woman who used to get up before any smoke would be sen out of anyone's chimney on May moning. Then she would