School: Naomh Feichín, Cros (roll number 7075)

Cross, Co. Mayo
M. Mac Niocail

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Naomh Feichín, Cros | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0102, Page 422

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Cathair Pheatar is a cave in the townland of Ballymagibbon. There is an entrance into it like a doorway with a few steps down. About thirty years ago boys used to go down into it with a lighted candle, they were afraid to go down far for fear the candle would quench. It has a wall on each side about six feet high. The tunnel is leading to Moytura House. In the year 1865 there was noise heard there laying a table with forks and knives. Lights were seen at the mouth of it by local people.
Cross East Liss - There is a liss in Cross East in Loftus's Land. Some years ago boys went into it and lighted a candle in it. It is leading to the Castle. About sixty years ago music was heard in it.
Liss na Carrthaig: Is in Knock close to the cairn. Some years

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Mrs Mahony
Cross, Co. Mayo