School: Naomh Feichín, Cros (roll number 7075)

Cross, Co. Mayo
M. Mac Niocail

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Naomh Feichín, Cros | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0102, Page 407

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Pop-Guns: were made out of twigs of the alder tree, and by boreing the centre of it to take the soft stuff out of it.
Tops - They made tops out of spools by cutting off the side of the spool and then shaping it into a top. They insert a bit of thin wood in the opening of the spool.
Cradle Birds. They made cradle birds out of rods of the willow tree. They would make the cradle bird like a small cradle with only three in it and they would leave a small hole in it for the bird to go in and then shake a grain of oats in the bottom of the basket.
Snares = They made snares out of thin wire. They would have two bits of sticks at each end of the wire a have a running knot on the wire so that the rabbit when he would stick his head in the wire he would get caught. They are still to be seen.

Walter Murphy