School: Sruthar (C.)

Shrule, Co. Mayo
Bríd, Bean Uí Éanacháin

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0102, Page 267

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The Dalgan House was built by the Kirwan Family and they meant to make it the best in Ireland at the time.

The Dalgan House was built by the Kirwan Family and they meant to make It one of the Best In Ireland at the time they did not spare either money or material on Building of It as they had to Borrow money from a money Lender in London to help them finish it the Basement is Built with Four Arches what I believe is called a Gothic Arch the Building is all made out of Cut Stone the Stoka work of the of Entrance Hall is beautiful there is a Drawing of an Oak leaf in the Very Centre of the Roof and another Drawing of an Elm Leaf In each of the Four corners in the centre Hall ther is a beautiful Marble Stair Case and Brass Ballistrade unsupported Leading up to the corridor where you enter the uppor Portion of the House Right under the Dome Light there is another Stone Stairs from the Ground floor of the Basement In Cork Screw form heading up to the Attic they built a large Stabling + Farm Land a Reasonable distance from the House

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Stephen Kyne